Touch Screens

Touch Screens

Overview of Nelson-Miller’s Touch Screen Solutions

Nelson Miller is a full-service touch screen solutions provider that specializes in custom touch screens, touch screen overlays, and other touch screen components. Touch screens offered by Nelson Miller are optimized for different operating characteristics and environments. Each touch screen is custom built using innovative touch screen technology to suit your unique application requirements.

Our variety of user-interface technologies enables us to provide the best solution to meet our customer’s needs. As a leader in the product identification and human interface solutions industry, Nelson Miller uses this expertise to create the best custom touch screen applications for your business’ unique needs. With a national sales team serving the entire United States, we’re ready to design and supply high-quality customized touch screens, controllers, and touch monitors no matter the location of your company.

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Our high-quality touch screens are very durable and are composed of resistive sensors with a glass touch surface. All touch screens provided by Nelson Miller are scratch and chemical resistant. Since the surfaces of our touch screens stay clear and clean longer than other touch screens, the lifespan of our products is longer by comparison.

Touch screen technology is a great solution for businesses because they allow a user to simply touch the screen instead of using a mouse or other input device. The touch screens offered by Nelson Miller include capacitive and resistive touch screens.

Touch Screen Technology

Capacitive touch screens can distinguish and sense specific touch location using electrical impulses in the human body. This enables capacitive touch screens to operate without requiring actual force to be applied to the screens surface. Resistive touch screen technology works well with any stylus-type object, and can also be operated by placing direct pressure on the device with a gloved or bare finger.

The technology used for an application depends on many things, including the application itself, the pricing point, size, and whether or not the touch screen will be used in a harsh environment. The simplest touch screens, which are very low cost and do not require a controller or software driver, may be the perfect solution for some businesses while others may require a more in-depth application.