What Are Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Keyboards?

Jun 8, 2022

When researching keyboard technologies, you may come across light-emitting diode (LED). LED keyboards are built into many laptops, and they are sold separately as external peripherals. While available in the same key layouts as other keyboards, LED keyboards stan out from their counterparts. They offer an illuminated effect thanks to their backlighting.

LED Keyboards Defined

LED keyboards are computer keyboards that feature LED backlighting. They feature rows of keys. Behind these keys are LED bulbs. When turned on, the LED bulbs will illuminate the keys from behind. Some LED keyboards feature scissor-style keys, whereas others feature membrane-style keys. Regardless, all LED keyboards feature LED backlighting that illuminates their respective keys.

Benefits of Using an LED Keyboard

You might be wondering what benefits LED keyboards offer. One of the main benefits of using an LED keyboard is improved visibility. If you regularly use your computer in the dark, you may want to choose an LED keyboard. You’ll be able to see the keys more easily thanks to its LED backlighting.

LED keyboards look stylish as well. Traditional keyboards look somewhat generic. Most of them consist of a single color, such as black or gray, while projecting a generic appearance. For a more stylish appearance, you can choose an LED keyboard. LED keyboards are naturally stylish because they illuminate when turned on.

Another benefit of using an LED keyboard is light color customization. You can order LED keyboards in custom light colors. Some LED keyboards produce red light, whereas others produce green or blue light. There are even LED keyboards that produce multiple light colors.

Tips on Choosing an LED Keyboard

When choosing an LED keyboard, you should consider the total number of keys. Some LED keyboards have 101 keys. Other LED keyboards have 104 or 105 keys.

Don’t forget to consider the key spacing when choosing an LED keyboard. Key spacing is the distance between the keys. If they are spaced too far apart, you may struggle to type. If they are spaced too close together, you may accidentally press the wrong key.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an LED keyboard is the light color. As previously mentioned, LED keyboards are available in custom light colors.

You should also consider the travel distance when choosing an LED keyboard. Travel distance is the distance that each key must travel to complete the circuit. The higher the travel distance, the farther the keys must travel. A low travel distance means you’ll be able to press the keys more quickly and easily.

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