Are SAW Touchscreens Long-Lasting

Jun 20, 2022

If you’re considering buying a surface acoustic wave (SAW) touchscreen, you might wonder whether they are long-lasting. Some touchscreens last longer than others. They are better protected against premature wear and tear, resulting in a longer usable life. And with their long-lasting properties, they offer greater value than their counterparts.

SAW Touchscreens Explained

To better understand whether SAW touchscreens are long-lasting, you must first understand the technology that powers them. SAW touchscreens are characterized by their use of ultrasonic waves. They produce, as well as sense, ultrasonic waves.

When you initially turn on a SAW touchscreen, it will produce ultrasonic waves across the display interface. Sensors on the opposite ends of the display interface will pick up and register these ultrasonic waves. Performing a touch command will disrupt the sound waves in the respective area of the display interface. The SAW touchscreen will then register this disruption as a touch event.

Yes, SAW Touchscreens Are Long-Lasting

Without any moving parts, SAW touchscreens are long-lasting. SAW touchscreens leverage transducers to detect touch commands. They use transmitting transducers to produce ultrasonic waves, and they use receiving transducers to receive and sense ultrasonic waves. Regardless, SAW touchscreens don’t use any moving parts to detect touch commands.

SAW touchscreens still feature a glass top layer — just like many other touchscreens. But the glass layer doesn’t move, nor does it feature any mechanical components. The glass layer is the top layer that, as previously mentioned, contains the transducers. SAW touchscreens use transmitting and receiving transducers to detect touch commands via ultrasonic waves.

How long do SAW touchscreens last exactly? Many of them last for over 50 million touches. Whether you’re looking to buy a new touchscreen for personal or commercial usage, a SAW touchscreen will last a long time.

Other touchscreens may feature moving parts. Resistive touchscreens, for instance, have two layers. When you perform a touch command on a resistive touchscreen, you’ll press the top layer into the bottom later. Over time, these movements can wear down resistive touchscreens while potentially shortening their usable life.

In Conclusion

You can rest assured knowing that SAW touchscreens will last a very long time. SAW toushcreens don’t contain any moving parts. Rather, they feature transducers on a glass top layer. Some of the transducers produce ultrasonic waves, whereas others receive and sense ultrasonic waves. Regardless, SAW touchscreens don’t contain any moving parts, so they last longer than many other touchscreens.

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