Reliable Logistics, Loyal Customers

Today’s business landscape is saturated and competitive. It’s no longer enough to produce a superior product—your ability to remain relevant to customers is contingent on your product being available when they need it. Nelson Miller’s logistics services ensure efficient and timely movement of your inventory, enabling you to maintain your strong brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing
Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing

Removing the Complexity from Global Logistics

In the simplest sense, logistics encompasses moving product from point A to point B, but in practice it’s far from that straightforward. Today’s global supply chains have become increasingly complex, and disruption seems to be more of the rule than an exception. Your product needs to get to the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility. Nelson Miller understands the local markets, transportation systems, and regulations needed to make your logistics not just painless but also cost-contained.

Cross-Border Capabilities

For globally sourced freight shipping, we handle customs clearance and export documents to ensure a hassle-free entry of your products into the US.

Individualized Support

We prioritize quality above all else in our logistics service. You receive a transparent, full-service approach, special attention to your individual needs, and highly competitive pricing.

On Time, Every Time

It is our mission to ensure your products are delivered on time. Our inventory solutions utilize lead time evaluation to ensure we meet your production and delivery requirements.