What Are Keypads?

Keypads provide an excellent interface to your product. Widely used in consumer, defense, aerospace, and industrial electronic products, keypads deliver tactile response and environmental resistance, and should be a consideration in designing your next machine interface project.

Our engineering and design teams can deliver creative insight on emerging technology utilized in varieties of keypad switch manufacturing including plastic keypads, silicone rubber keypads, and UV & ultra thin keypads. Our detail-driven Quality department has proven itself as one of our greatest assets, striving to deliver zero defect products, every time. We offer all types and configurations of keypads and keypad switches. PCBs, molded enclosures, and a wide variety of connection types available allow us to provide fast turn-a-round complete assemblies.

Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing
Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing

Backlighting Your Keypd Application

If you would like to backlight your application, the construction would incorporate either light guides or LEDs for uniform lighting. Other options for backlighting are fiber optic backlighting and EL backlighting. Depending on the requirements of your application such as thickness preference, shape, environmental exposure, and other unique specifications, the backlighting options would vary and be selected specifically to fit the function of your device. Using the latest LED powered lighting can reduce cost and reduce power used by a device. Since many devices today are portable, this backlighting solution is more relevant than ever.

A variety of applications that use backlighting solutions are: remote controls, laboratory equipment, airplane dashboards, medical devices in dimly lit operating rooms, consumer appliances, such as coffee makers and microwaves, laptop keyboards, and many other applications that we all come in contact with daily or sporadically.

We have various backlighting samples that you can evaluate and consider for your application. Please feel free to submit a sample request and we’ll send you a variety of useful samples and tools you can experiment with for your application.

Plastic Keypads

Plastic keypads support design flexibility, and with our latest thin profile key caps, we can provide low profile options with a wide option of cosmetic finishes.

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Our silicone rubber keypad solutions combine excellent feel, reliability and long life in the most rugged environments. They are used in all industries including point of sale terminals, medical application, household electrical good and automotive.

UV & Ultra-Thin Keypads

Nelson Miller UV and Thin-wall PC injection keypad solutions help minimize the handset thickness and gives an advanced cosmetic appearance. Using the latest process developments we can meet the customer’s demands for.