Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Unlock a World of Sourcing Possibilities

In an increasingly international manufacturing landscape, having access to a broad spectrum of sourcing options is critical to maintain your competitive edge. But global sourcing done right requires time, clear and frequent communication, diligent quality control, and ongoing relationship management. Nelson Miller has decades of relationships with trusted suppliers across the globe. We can help find and manage vendors to produce the parts you need, whether standard or highly customized, ensuring they are delivered on time and meet applicable quality expectations and regulatory requirements.

Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing
Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing

Free Yourself from Supplier Dependency

Nelson Miller has a neutral and independent position in the marketplace because we are not tied to a specific vendor. We are not restricted by geography, locked to a particular brand or subset of brands, or a static line card. This means you have real options. The manufacturers we recommend for your product will have a solid and verified reputation. We hold ourselves fully accountable for the quality of the product we deliver to you. All manufacturers must follow a stringent code of conduct and sign enforceable non-disclosure, non-circumvent, and non-competition agreements.

Broaden Your AVL to Minimize Supply Risk

Effective strategic sourcing doesn’t just carry your business through times of stability: it has to accommodate for the next black swan event.

Nelson Miller can help bolster your Approved Vendor List (AVL) to ensure you have uninterrupted manufacturing capabilities and the ability to scale production to respond to fluctuations in demand, without sacrificing on quality or cost.

In unpredictable times, this could mean the difference between your organization’s success or failure.

Benefit from Strategic Global Sourcing

Our worldwide sourcing expertise can help you achieve your organization’s goals:


  • Create a sustainable supply chain and reduce acquisition costs
  • Tap into skills, resources, and solutions unavailable domestically
  • Offload time-consuming vendor management and problem solving to a trusted partner
  • Access real options, guaranteed quality, and protection of your intellectual property