Stocking Solutions that Boost the Bottom Line

Whether you already have your own warehouse space, want support with existing 3PLs, and/or lack the time or capital to secure additional square footage for storage, Nelson Miller is here to ensure your stocking and storage is both effective and efficient. When your warehouse operations run smoothly, inventory is properly accounted for, the right item is sent at the right time, stock is replenished when needed, fewer picking errors occur, and all the people, processes, and systems fall into place as they should—increasing your productivity and profitability.

Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing
Watch Guard Video plastic injection molding housing

Expand Revenues, Not Square Footage

Don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to turn down a business opportunity due to lack of available space. While you may not be able to make your building larger, you can find more optimal uses for your current space. Nelson Miller’s warehousing solutions allow you to regain your facility for manufacturing needs, or even other expansion of your business, because we are housing your inventory elsewhere. This enables you to maximize the profitability of every square foot of your space and open the door for additional opportunities for your company.

Lower Costs and Lead Time

With Nelson Miller, your inventory is organized in one central location, which saves you money moving products between warehouses unnecessarily. We partner with you to understand and forecast demand for your product and, using this information, can bundle deliveries to eliminate the added cost of shipping single loads. Ultimately, this creates a reduction in lead time, provides more reliable supply for your business, and increases customer satisfaction.

Beneficial Financial Terms

Nelson Miller optimizes your production and warehousing strategies to ensure you always have readily available inventory without tying up cash on hand. We manage your safety stock so you no longer have to worry about holding excess product. What’s more, you benefit from the peace of mind that you won’t be surprised by extended lead times or line down situations. With Nelson Miller’s stocking solutions, you receive (and pay for) the parts you need only when you actually need them.

Real-Time Visibility

We give you live insight into the products we warehouse for you. Our experienced professionals, supported by best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, give Nelson Miller the ability to effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage your warehouse needs so you can lower your costs, optimize storage, and keep your customers happy. We help you make fewer errors and have fewer problems, which translates into maximized revenue for you.