Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Support as Unique as Your Business

Nelson Miller’s customized supply chain solutions provide support from product concept to delivery, enhancing your ability to design and build quality products at a low cost without interruption. We work with you to eliminate pain points and bottlenecks in production and logistics, remove risks associated with single sourcing and supplier volatility, and create assurance of supply. Each solution is individually tailored to the customer’s needs and backed by our exceptional customer care.

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supply chain management

Our Supply Chain Capabilities

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is so much more than just logistics. Our team is passionate about helping clients create a robust, cost-optimized supply chain that spans all phases of the procurement process:


  • Product development, design, and NPI
  • Global sourcing and vendor management
  • Production and quality control
  • Logistics
  • Supply and demand planning

Maintain Your Visibility, Lose the Hassle

Nelson Miller takes on the burdensome and time-consuming aspects of SCM, leaving you time to focus on other value-add activities.

Our industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning software and honest, transparent approach to customer communication ensure you have the information you need to make the right decisions for your business.

In the end, you maintain—or often improve—your supply chain visibility while simultaneously reducing workload for your team.

Reasons to Outsource Your SCM

When you partner with Nelson Miller for supply chain support, you access a broad spectrum of outsourcing benefits:


  • Improve supply chain reliability and resiliency
  • Lower costs and increase cash flow flexibility
  • Reduce complexity with one point-of-contact for all SCM needs
  • Supplement your in-house engineering skillset and boost your competitive edge