Frequently Asked Questions About UV Keypads

Jun 25, 2022

When shopping for keypads, you may encounter ultraviolet (UV) keypads. They are commonly used in industrial controls, remotes, laboratory equipment, medical devices, laptop keyboards and more. Like all keypads, UV keypads allow you to control a machine or device by pressing keys. They simply feature a different design than other types of keypads. Here are some frequently asked questions about UV keypads.

What Are UV Keypads?

UV keypads are characterized by their use of UV resin. They are made of a special type of material that’s cured under UV light. Known as UV resin, it’s printed onto the first surface of the keypad’s foil substrate. After being printed, the UV resin is exposed to UV light. It’s known as “UV resin” because it cures when exposed to UV light.

Do UV Keypads Support Decorations?

You can order UV keypads with decorations. UV keypads do, in fact, support decorations. Decorations are typically added to the second surface of the keypad’s foil substrate. The UV resin is printed onto the first surface, whereas decorations are added to the second surface. When the UV resin cures, it will reveal become transparent while revealing the underlying decorations on the second surface.

Can UV Keypads Feature Textures?

UV keypads can feature textures. Common textures used with UV keypads include sandblasting, spin lines and brush lines. Sandblasting, of course, is a finishing technique that involves blasting the surface of a keypad with pressurized sand particles. The sand particles are abrasive. As they strike the keypad, they’ll leave behind a rough and textured surface. In addition to sandblasting, other textures available for UV keypads include spin lines and brush lines.

What Backlighting Options Are Available for UV Keypads

There are several backlighting options available for UV keypads. Many UV keypads use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for backlighting. They feature an array of LEDs that illuminate the buttons from underneath. Other UV keypads use electroluminescent (EL) bulbs for backlighting. LED and EL are the two most common backlighting options for UV keypads.

What Are the Benefits of UV Keypads?

UV keypads offer many different benefits. For starters, they are available in custom designs. You can order them with custom decoration and custom textures. UV keypads also feature a single sheet construction. When compared to keypads with a multi-sheet construction, they are better protected against dust and moisture. You can also choose light guide foils with UV keypads. Light guide foils will distribute the light produced by the backlighting so that it reaches all areas of the UV keypad.

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