Does your touchscreen device suffer from ghost touches? If so, you may struggle to use it. As the touchscreen device triggers erroneous commands, it can lead to a wide range of usability problems. The good news is that ghost touches can typically be prevented; you just need to take a few precautionary measures.

What Is a Ghost Touch?

No, a ghost touch doesn’t mean that a ghost is using your touchscreen device. The term “ghost touch” refers to a phenomenon in which a touchscreen device triggers a command even though you didn’t tap or touch the display interface.

All touchscreen devices are designed to work by responding to touch commands with an appropriate action. If you tap or touch an icon, for instance, the touchscreen device should open the respective app. There are instances, however, in which a touchscreen device may trigger a command without an actual touch occurring. This phenomenon is known as a ghost touch.

Ghost touches are frustrating because they interfere with your ability to use a touchscreen device. Depending on when and how they occur, ghost touches may automatically open unwanted apps, or they may close your existing apps.

What Causes Ghost Touches?

Ghost touches are often the result of dirt or debris on the display interface. Over time, touchscreen devices will accumulate dirt and debris on the display interface that, if left unchecked, can interfere with their ability to detect touch commands. The presence of dirt or dust may prompt the touchscreen device to think you performed a touch command when you really didn’t.

You may experience ghost touches if you place your touchscreen device near a conductive object, such as your car keys. Assuming your touchscreen device is powered by capacitive technology, it will respond to touch commands from all conductive objects.

How to Prevent Ghost Touches

To prevent ghost touches, you must regularly clean your touchscreen device’s display interface. You don’t have to use any special cleaning products. On the contrary, a lightly damp and lint-free washcloth should suffice. Should run it across the display interface, at which point the dirt and debris should be removed.

Along with cleaning the display interface, avoid storing or placing your touchscreen device near conductive objects. With capacitive touchscreen devices, any conductive object will trigger a touch command if it gets too close to the display interface. Therefore, you’ll need to keep your touchscreen device away from all conductive objects if it’s powered by capacitive technology.

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