New Patent Reveals Touchscreen MacBook Pro

Aug 5, 2018

You may soon be able to buy a touchscreen MacBok Pro. Ever since Apple released its flagship laptop, it has used traditional control peripherals like a keyboard and trackpad or mouse. But that may change, as a new patent has revealed a touchscreen interface for the MacBook Pro.

According to Digital Trends, a new patent for an Apple product was published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 26, 2018. While Apple holds thousands of patents, this was particularly eye-catching because it revealed touchscreen technology in the design. The patent appears to be for a new MacBook Pro that would include a touchscreen as well as a keyboard and trackpad.

Of course, this goes against previous statements by Apple suggesting that it would not develop a touchscreen MacBook Pro. Earlier this, Apple’s Phil Schiller said, “We did spend a great deal of time looking at this a number of years ago and came to the conclusion that to make the best personal computer, you can’t try to turn MacOS into an iPhone. Conversely, you can’t turn iOS into a Mac.”

In other words, Apple wants to differentiate its touchscreen-compatible iPhone and iPad from its non-touchscreen MacBook Pro family. By using touchscreen technology in the MacBook Pro, it would essentially turn Apple’s flagship laptop into a device that’s strikingly similar to its iPhone and iPad. Nonetheless, Apple may be having a change of hear. The company’s latest patent reveals a touchscreen display in the device, signaling a new direction for the company.

The use of a touchscreen interface in the MacBook Pro would certainly be beneficial to users. Many computer users prefer touchscreen controls over a traditional keyboard and trackpad because it’s easier and more convenient to use. Furthermore, there’s a lower risk of mechanical error with touchscreen interfaces. Food particles and debris can get stuck underneath keys, preventing those keys from making contact and registering properly. This isn’t an issue with touchscreen interfaces. Although fingerprints and dust can affect the accuracy of a touchscreen interface, they generally won’t degrade or stop working like a keyboard.

Even with this patent, however, there’s no guarantee that Apple will develop or release a touchscreen MacBook Pro. As previously stated, the Cupertino company holds thousands of product patents, only a few of which are ever turned into market-ready products. Rather, Apple secures patents so that other companies can’t steal its ideas. Whether this applies to Apple’s latest MacBook Pro patent remains to be seen.

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