Pros and Cons of Vertical Alignment (VA) LCDs

Mar 3, 2022

Have you heard of vertical alignment (VA)? It’s become one of the most popular types of liquid-crystal display (LCD) technologies on the market. You can find TVs, computer monitors, tablets and other display devices that feature a VA LCD. If you’re thinking about buying one, though, you should weigh the pros and cons of VA LCDs.

Pro: Fast Refresh Rate

VA LCDs offer faster refresh rates than many other types of display devices. Refresh rate, of course, is the speed at which a display device changes its image. It’s typically measured in Hertz (Hz). One Hz is equal to one frame per second. VA LCDs have an average refresh rate of 60 to 120 Hz, meaning they change their image one 60 to 120 times per second.

Pro: Excellent Viewing Angle

Another advantage of choosing a VA LCD involves the viewing angle. The viewing angle, of course, is the angle at which you can view a display device. Some display devices have a narrow viewing angle. You might be able to view them when sitting or standing directly in front of them. Upon moving to the side, though, you may struggle to view them. Fortunately, VA LCDs offer an excellent viewing angle. Even when sitting or standing to the side, you can still view them.

Con: Motion Blur

While it doesn’t affect all VA LCDs, motion blur is a concern for some VA LCDs. Motion blur is a visual phenomenon that involves fuzzy, distorted images due to movement. It won’t damage the VA LCD, but motion blur can still degrade the image quality. If you’re worried about motion blur, you may want to choose an alternative type of display device. VA LCDs are more susceptible to motion blur than other types of display devices.

Con: Uneven Lighting

Another potential disadvantage of VA LCDs is uneven lighting. VA LCDs require backlighting. They don’t have self-illuminating pixels. As a result, backlighting is needed to illuminate their pixel layer. Depending on the type of backlighting used, VA LCDs may suffer from uneven lighting. Some areas of the screen may be bright, whereas other areas may be dim.

Is a VA LCD Right for You?

As you can see, VA LCDs offer their own advantages and disadvantages. They deliver fast refresh rates and provide an excellent viewing angle. On the other hand, some of them are susceptible to motion blur and uneven lighting.

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