The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning a Touchscreen

Aug 26, 2019

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or human machine interface (HMI), all touchscreen devices regular cleaning. Over time, the display interface will accumulate dirt and debris. If you don’t clean your touchscreen device, the presence of this dirt and debris may interfere with your ability to perform touch commands. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to clean a touchscreen device. Below are several important dos and don’ts to follow when cleaning a touchscreen device.

Do Wipe Surface With a Lint-Free Microfiber Cloth

It’s recommended that you wipe the surface of your touchscreen device with a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean it. Not all cloths are suitable for touchscreen devices. Unless it’s lint free, it may leave small pieces of fabric or material on your device. By using a lint-free microfiber cloth, you’ll benefit from a cleaner touchscreen device that’s better able to detect your touch commands.

Don’t Use Rubbing Alcohol

Although it may sound like an effective cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol — as well as other harsh cleaning chemicals — shouldn’t be used on touchscreen devices. The problem with rubbing alcohol and other harsh cleaning chemicals is they strip away the oleophobic coating of touchscreen devices. Most touchscreen devices have an oleophobic coating to repel oils. When exposed to rubbing alcohol, this oleophobic coating may wear down to the point where it’s no longer able to repel oils.

Do Turn Off Your Touchscreen Device

Before cleaning your touchscreen device, turn it off and disconnect it from the wall outlet. If your touchscreen device is turned on when you clean it, it could sustain permanent damage. Alternatively, it could even shock you.

Don’t Saturate With Water

Avoid saturating your touchscreen device with an excessive amount of water. Water and electronics, of course, don’t mix. If you use too much water, you could permanently damage your touchscreen device.

Do Use a Small Amount of Water for Stubborn Dirt and Debris

You can still use water to clean your touchscreen device, but you should only use a very small amount. If a lint-free microfiber cloth alone isn’t enough to clean stubborn dirt and debris off your touchscreen device, try using a small amount of water. Just run the lint-free microfiber cloth under water, and once damp, use it to wipe the surface of your touchscreen device. With just a small amount of water, you should be able to easily clean stubborn dirt and debris off your touchscreen device.

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