The Pros and Cons of Scissor-Switch Keyboards

Apr 25, 2022

Have you heard of scissor-switch keyboards? Not to be confused with mechanical-switch keyboards, they feature an interlocking design. Each key has two pieces that connect to each other like scissor blades. Pressing a key will engage these two pieces while completing a circuit. Like all keyboard technologies, though, there are both pros and cons associated with scissor-switch keyboards.

Pro: Low Profile

Scissor-switch keyboards offer a low-profile design. You can find them in different shapes. Nonetheless, scissor-switch keyboards typically feature a low-profile design, meaning they are shorter than other types of keyboards. With their low-profile design, scissor-style keyboards are commonly used in laptops. Many laptop manufacturers prefer scissor-style keyboards because they take up less vertical space.

Pro: Easy to Use

Another benefit of scissor-switch keyboards is that they are easy to use. You can use a scissor-switch keyboard, of course, by pressing the keys. When compared to other types of keyboards, the keys on a scissor-switch keyboard are easier to press. They require less pressure. Gently pressing a key will typically suffice. As the key’s plunger depresses, it will complete the circuit.

Con: Difficult to Clean

While easy to use, scissor-style keyboards are somewhat difficult to clean. They don’t have a sealed top layer. Like mechanical-switch keyboards, the keys on a scissor-style keyboard are susceptible to dirt and debris. Over time, dirt can become stuck inside of the keys where it inhibits their ability to decompress.

The good news is that scissor-style keyboards have a low-profile design, which helps to keep dirt and debris out of them. Nonetheless, they aren’t immune to dirt and debris. And if a scissor-style keyboard has a stuck key due to dirt or debris, you may have a hard time cleaning it.

Con: Costs More Than Other Types of Keyboards

You can’t expect to pay more for a scissor-style keyboard than other types of keyboards. Scissor-style keyboards cost more than their counterparts. Mechanical-switch keyboards, for instance, are relatively cheap. Scissor-style keyboards, on the other hand, cost more.

Of course, you should think of scissor-style keyboards as an investment. They may cost more than other types of keyboards, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad choice. On the contrary, scissor-style has become the preferred keyboard technology among many consumers and businesses owners. Scissor-style keyboards feature a low-profile design, are easy to use and they are resistant to dirt and debris.

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