What Is an LED-Backlit LCD?

Dec 3, 2018

Have you heard of LED-backlit LCDs? It’s become the leading display technology for high-definition TVs as well as smartphone and other mobile electronic devices. Many consumers are skeptical of buying an LED-backlit LCD, however, because they are unfamiliar with the technology. If this sounds familiar, you should read the following information about LED-backlit LCDs and how they work.

Overview of LED-Backlit LCDs

LED-backlit LCDs are essentially liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with a light-emitting diode (LED) backlight. LCD technology has been around for decades. Even today, though, all LCDs require a backlight to illuminate their liquid crystals and produce visual images. Without a backlight, an LCD wouldn’t be able to produce a clear, visible image. And while there are several different types of backlights available, LED is the most common. LCDs that feature an LED backlight are known as LED-backlit LCDs.

LED Arrangement

In a typical LED-backlit LCD, the individual LED bulbs are arranged in one of two ways. The first option is to place the LED bulbs in a perimeter around the edge of the display in a diffusion pattern. This evenly distributes the light to provide even illumination throughout the device’s liquid crystals. The second option is to arrange the LED bulbs behind the screen at evenly spaced distances. This arrangement also provides an even distribution of light, thereby offering bright, clear images.

Benefits of LED-Backlit LCDs

LED-backlit LCDs offer several benefits, one of which is a wider color gamut. What does this mean exactly? Color gamut refers to the range of colors that are visible to the human eye. With a wider color gamut than other common display technologies, LED-backlit LCDs produce more colors. LED-backlit LCDs also consume less energy than other common display technologies. Statistics show that most LED-backlit LCDs are about 30% more energy efficient than their counterpart technologies.

Furthermore, LED-backlit LCDs weigh less than display devices powered by other technologies. This is why you’ll often find TVs and smartphones featuring LED-backlit LCD technology. It allows manufacturers to build lighter products that are easier to handle and carry.

Some people assume that LED-backlit LCDs are actually LEDs, while others assume that they are a hybrid of both LCD and LED technology. As explained in this blog post, however, neither assumption is correct. LED-back LCDs are actually LCDs with an LED backlight. They feature the same characteristic liquid crystals as other LCDs but are illuminated with many LED bulbs.

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