What Is Keyboard Ghosting and How Do You Prevent It?

May 13, 2022

Have you ever pressed a key on a keyboard, only to discover that the keyboard didn’t register it? You aren’t alone. Known as ghosting, it’s a common phenomenon from which keyboards suffer. What is keyboard ghosting exactly, and how do you prevent it?

Overview of Keyboard Ghosting

Keyboard ghosting is a phenomenon in which a keyboard fails to register keypresses. Maybe you’re trying to write an email, or perhaps you’re trying to enter a website address in your computer web browser. Regardless, when you press a key, you probably expect your keyboard to register it. Keyboard ghosting, however, means your keyboard won’t register all of your keypresses.

When keyboard ghosting occurs, you’ll be forced to press the same keys multiple times. If your keyboard doesn’t register a particular keypress, you can usually press it again. Pressing the same keys multiple times is tedious. It will consume time while also lowering your typing accuracy. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent keyboard ghosting.

How to Prevent Keyboard Ghosting

Choosing the right keyboard will minimize the risk of ghosting. Some keyboards are more susceptible to this phenomenon than others. Keyboards with only a single switch at each intersection, for instance, are more likely to suffer from ghosting than their counterparts.

Some keyboards are designed specifically to prevent ghosting. Known as anti-ghosting keyboards, they’ll allow you to type more efficiently without worrying about failed keypresses.

You can also prevent keyboard ghosting by pressing fewer keys simultaneously. Keyboard ghosting typically doesn’t occur when you press a single key at any given time. Instead, it occurs when you press multiple keys at once. If you press two or three keys simultaneously, for example, your keyboard may fail to register them.

By pressing fewer keys simultaneously, you can prevent ghosting. You may have to adjust your typing technique; some people instinctively press multiple keys at once when typing. Once you get into the habit of pressing fewer keys simultaneously, though, you should experience fewer instances of keyboard ghosting.

Keyboard ghosting may occur when dirt or debris becomes stuck underneath the keys. Not all keyboards feature a sealed design. Some of them have an open design that makes them to susceptible to dirt and debris. As dirt and debris accumulate underneath a key, the keyboard may fail to register keypresses involving that key. Therefore, you should try to keep your keyboard clean to prevent ghosting.

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